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All of us come together with the singular goal in mind of helping our clients become as successful as possible. We help you steward your resources by making the most of the information you already have and guiding you to efficiently gather and analyze whatever information you still need. People are always at the core of what we do. Here are ours...

Bud Sanders
President and Founder

Bud is a marketing research and analytics executive leader and entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of experience helping clients find the truth they need to solve their most difficult business challenges. A passionate researcher with the heart of a teacher, his educational credentials, including graduate degrees in both Statistics and Business, make him uniquely equipped to help clients and stakeholders navigate the research process, and then aid them in the formulation and implementation of strategies and initiatives.

Barbara Sanders
Executive Administration

Barbara is incredibly skilled at sifting through tremendous amounts of information and getting right to the important parts - the truth underlying all of it. A research biologist by training, her instincts and experience translate well to solving problems in the business realm. She speaks truth without compromise and understands the importance of not wasting energy or effort in dealing with things that don't really matter. She keeps us focused on keeping the main thing the main thing.

Beth Dunn
Research Manager 

Beth is a marketing research professional with over 20 years of experience. She enjoys and is proficient at working with data and getting to the underlying story the data is trying to tell. She is a positive go-getter who loves relating to clients and helping them solve their business problems. As the lead of the Data Management function at SOS, she ensures the team always has the information needed to perform at their best. 

Halle Skipper
Project Manager

Halle is a Marketing major at the University of North Georgia, graduating this Summer. She is highly skilled at communicating with her peers and clients. Her attention to detail, drive and dedication helps lift the performance of everyone around her. Halle has an incredible desire and capacity to learn, and as a Research Associate at SOS, she can be found working on all aspects of research studies as well as leading some key, behind-the-scenes initiatives.

Matthew Adams 
Marketing Intern

Matthew has an incredible work ethic and is not afraid of taking things to the next level, in any area of life. He is currently majoring in business at The University of North Georgia. As the Marketing Intern at SOS, Matthew provides vital administrative and marketing support, as well as whatever research assistance is needed from the rest of the team.

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