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Lighting the Path Toward Truth


All of us come together with the singular goal in mind of helping our clients become as successful as possible. 


People are always at the core of what we do.


Meet ours...


We don't claim to be all things for all people. We believe that it's more efficient - and more productive - if we all focus on just those things that we are really good at AND for which we have great passion. For us, that means targeting just a couple of segments of the business world. Find out what they are here.


Over the years, we've realized that there are a handful of common themes - tenets if you will - of how we approach problem solving. We all have some underlying ways that we think. Here, we share ours and how subsequently, the guidance we provide to you will be both understandable and actionable.


Strategic Oversight Services, Inc. was founded on the premise that there is a need in the world of marketing research consulting for people who have a desire to help others in the quest of uncovering truth; truth that can be discovered by finding new insights as well as combining previous work that has never been fully digested. Discovering the truth is just the first part. It then must be disseminated throughout their organization.  We have a passion for these truth quests and for helping our clients become as successful as possible within their organizations.



5665 Atlanta Hwy

Suite 102B-489

Alpharetta, GA 30004


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